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Darren Thompson, Team PerfectDARREN THOMPSON - Owner

An entrepreneur and family man by heart, Darren is the owner of Team Perfect (previously known as S&D Enterprises).

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  • Bringing new products to market in Canada and the U.S.
  • Distribution with Team Perfect

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Colin Gaffney, Team PerfectCOLIN GAFFNEY - Accounting Contact & E-Commerce

Colin loves being in the mountains and loves hiking whenever he has the chance. Colin is the newest edition to the Team Perfect team, helping fill gaps wherever he is needed.

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  • Accounting questions or issues
  • Website problems or concerns

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Ryan Correy, Team PerfectRYAN CORREY - Gone but never forgotten

Ryan is no longer with us.  Unfortunately this part of his journey is over but he is remembered fondly in the hearts of his wife Sarah, his family and friends. Ryan will forever be a huge part of Team Perfect, we wouldn't be where we are today without his efforts and engagement with our customers and community. Ryan was an accomplished Adventure Cyclist, founder of Bikepack Canada and author of A Purpose Ridden.


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